Greft Plus 3 Month Hair Care Set


2 pcs – Greft Plus Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (220 ml)
2 pcs – Greft Plus Hair Vitamin (90 tablets)
2 pcs – Greft Plus Hair Care & Protection Vitamin Complex (shampoo additive) (10 cc)
1 pcs –  Greft Plus Scalp Repairing Cream (100 ml)

(7 customer reviews)
Greft Plus 3 Month Hair Care Set $350,00

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Greft Plus 3 Month Hair Care Set
With its herbal formula specially developed for those with heavy hair loss and after hair transplantation, it nourishes the hair follicles and helps the hair follicles to grow quickly and strongly.

It provides nourishment to the transplanted hair and existing hair after hair transplantation. It ensures that the hair regrowth cycle, which occurs in 1 year after the surgery, is completed within 6-8 months. By stimulating the hair root, it accelerates the blood circulation and helps the hair to be fed better. Without suppressing the male hormone, it only takes the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) into a capsule and eliminates the negative effects it creates on the hair follicle.

By stimulating the hair root, it accelerates the blood circulation and helps the hair to be fed better. By meeting the vitamin and mineral needs that cannot be obtained from food, it helps to eliminate the deficiencies of the nutrients that the hair needs. Since it does not contain chemicals, it repairs the hair and scalp and helps it breathe. It helps to regulate the sebum secretion (oil balance) of the scalp.

Thanks to its specially developed herbal formula, it helps your hair follicles to be nourished and your hair strands to grow fast and strong.It helps to nourish and protect existing hair follicles.  By stimulating your hair root, it accelerates blood circulation and helps your hair to be fed better.

How to use it?
1-) Greft Plus Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Apply to wet hair by massaging with your fingertips.
Massage for 3 minutes and leave for 3 minutes, then rinse.
Then repeat the same process once again.
Apply at least 3-4 times a week.
It is suitable for daily use.

2-) Greft Plus Hair Vitamin

For adults, take 2 tablets a day with a glass of water, preferably 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening, after meals.
It starts to show effect in at least 3 months of use, and it helps to get results in 6-12 months of use.
It is not used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.
It is not medicine.

3-) Greft Plus Hair Care & Protection Vitamin Complex

Open the cap of the Greft Plus vitamin complex product with scissors or a similar tool and open the cap of the Greft Plus shampoo bottle and fill it.
Shake gently for 10 seconds.
Massage for 3 minutes during the shower and wait for 3 minutes. It is then rinsed.
Shake the shampoo again before each use.
Compatible with herbal shampoos.

4-) Greft Plus Scalp Repairing Cream

Apply some Greft Plus repair cream on your hand and massage your scalp with your fingertips.
Repeat 2-3 times a day.
No rinsing.


7 reviews for Greft Plus 3 Month Hair Care Set

  1. Javier M. (verified owner)

    Mi médico lo recomendó específicamente. Lo he estado usando regularmente durante 2 meses y realmente luce genial en mi cabello.

    Definitivamente contiene consejos 🙂

  2. Matthew P. (verified owner)

    this hair set has restored my confidence. i no longer dread seeing clumps of hair in the shower drain. thank you for creating such an amazing product!!!!!

  3. Fred R. (verified owner)

    Ich hatte mit stressbedingtem Haarausfall zu kämpfen, aber dieses Haarpflegeset hat mir geholfen, die Kontrolle wiederzugewinnen. Meine Haare fühlen sich kräftiger an und ich verliere nicht mehr übermäßig viel.

  4. Ryan A. (verified owner)

    after trying countless products, I finally found one that works. this set not only stopped my hair loss but also promoted new growth. absolutely perfecttttttttttt

  5. Lucia N. (verified owner)

    i’ve tried every hair loss product on the market, but nothing compares to this shampoo. it’s truly a lifesaver

  6. Daniel K. (verified owner)

    thanks for the fast delivery.

  7. Megan Y. (verified owner)

    from the first wash, I knew this shampoo was something special. my hair feels cleaner, looks healthier, and I’ve even received compliments on its shine! It’s become a staple in my hair care routine.

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Warning: To get the best hair results, it requires regular use for a minimum of 6 months.

 * All our products are doctor approved and have no side effects.

* Definite results are guaranteed with regular use.