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About Us

Add value to your hair with us.
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Our journey began in 2015

The foundations of Wougy were laid with a quest for transformation in hair and body care. We embarked on a journey to introduce brands that would make people’s personal care more conscious, enjoyable, and effective.
With a focus on high-quality standards and customer satisfaction, we quickly began to make a name for ourselves in the industry.

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Quality & Product Effectiveness

Hair, body, and skincare are not just about external beauty for us; they are also intricately linked to inner balance. Therefore, we design our products by drawing inspiration from nature and under the guidance of science. Quality, naturalness, and effectiveness take precedence in our formulations.

Our Values

  1. Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations with quality products and effective service.

  2. Naturalness and Effectiveness
    We focus on achieving the highest level of naturalness and effectiveness in all the products we offer.

  3. Innovation and Research
    To be a pioneer in the constantly evolving beauty industry, we shape our products with the latest technology through continuous research and innovation.

Our Mission

  1. Leading Brands, Superior Care
    Our mission is to offer our customers hair care products from industry-leading and renowned brands. We aim to elevate their hair care experiences by providing them with quality, reliable, and effective products.

  2. Fostering Diversity in Beauty
    Our company’s mission is to present a variety of products from different brands that cater to the unique hair needs of each customer. Diversity and customization are our core values, allowing our customers to craft their own beauty stories.

  3. Expertise in Hair Care and Setting Trends
    Our mission is to be a leader in expertise in hair care and shaping beauty trends in the industry. By offering the latest products from the brands we sell, our fundamental goal is to consistently provide innovative and effective solutions to support our customers on their beauty journeys.

We love collaboration =)

We are very determined to offer you the best products you need for your hair, body and skin care.

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